• “Veronica is a multi-talented human resources professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is flexible, clear thinking and creative in her approach to problem solving. Veronica is approachable, dependable and is someone who will always get the job done, and done well. She is a team player and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Veronica.”  - Tina Young
    Heart and Stroke
    Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario,
  • “Veronica is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled human resources professional. As a director, I was able to count on her for superb guidance and support in relation to human resources issues. I also valued her contribution to the functioning of the organization as a whole, and I always appreciated her ability to manage challenges with both discretion and honesty.”
    - Barbara Strang 

    UNICEF Canada,
  • “I recently returned to Toronto after living and working out of the country for many years. Veronica was tremendously helpful with information about an unfamiliar business environment and worked with me to craft an updated resume that would be a good representation of my skills. I can highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.”
    - Annabel Hoyt

    Hazel and Associates
    Hazell & Associates Career Partnership International,
  • “I would highly recommend Veronica Utton; she is a skilled and knowledgeable HR professional who provided exceptional support and guidance to me during a career transition. It meant a lot to me to have someone with her skill and expertise on my team, helping to support me in making effective decisions in a timely manner. Veronica applied just the right amount of skill, motivation and persuasion to get me to see a clear perspective on things when I need it most. Veronica was available when needed and was very responsive in delivering highly effective advice while negotiating multiple simultaneous employment offers. Her unique and friendly style is delivered in a caring and compassionate way with just the right touch of humour.”
    - Don McCulloch

    Hazel and Associates
    Hazell & Associates,
  • “Veronica has been deemed by peers as a world class Human relations leader. Veronica is a HR leader with a keen eye for understanding human capital and human potential. We see Veronica as an industry leader in the use of the Predictive index management program in the pursit of people excellence. I would highly reccomend Veronica to any business profit or non profit organization.”
    - Dave Lahey
    Predictive Success Corporation,