What’s in a Brand?

Each of us, through our association with the organizations we represent, have an inherent responsibility to be representative of the organizations values—to be ambassadors of what the organization stands for.

A Brand is the essence or promise that a product, service or company will deliver or be experienced by a consumer.  And in the non-profit world, this could be a service that responds to community needs, a shelter for the homeless or hope for a cure–often experienced by supporters and/or stakeholders.  The Brand, and its characteristics help us to identify and differentiate one service or promise of hope provider from another.

So how does this matter to HR?

The HR Brand should be aligned to the organizations Brand, so that, if an organization values diversity, for instance, the HR Brand should in turn be demonstrating diversity in its people practices.  Whether it’s achieved through a multi-generational or a multi-cultural workforce.

As HR Brand representatives, you likely have regular and frequent contact with prospective employees and volunteers, service providers, donors and of course, your internal customers – your current workforce of staff and/or volunteers.  And there will be the expectation that you hold true the organizations values.

What does your organization value?  Does your HR Brand represent these values?  How do these values appear to the prospective employee or volunteer?  And even more importantly, how are the organizations’ values experienced by your current staff and/or volunteers?

As you recruit and select; as you train and develop; as you downsize and outsource, consider this question – What experience do I want my supporters and/or stakeholders to remember?

Be your best Brand.  Everyday.

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